Seven reasons why you're a novice when Picking A Contract Attorney 

Some Ideas For Consideration On Level-headed Programs

The auditors are not arguing that the Criminal Justice Institute document is not protected by attorney-client privilege, but they say that privilege extends to their office. “The idea here is the department, the agency, is saying that it is attorney-client privileged … but that protection flows to us as well because they are the state, we are the state,” Kane said. He said he does not recall ever having to go to such lengths to obtain a document from an agency it was auditing. “Under our statute we’re authorized all documents, all paperwork, all

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In Mississippi, A Disgruntled Former Lawyer With Prominent Class-action Firm Bernstein Litowitz Accused His Colleagues Of Authorizing More Than $100,000 In Fees For The Solo-practitioner Wife Of A Staff Attorney In The Office Of Misssippi Attorney General Jim Hood.

Tips For Using Mediation In Divorce Cases
There is no telling when you will need a lawyer. How do you hire someone? What do you expect from lawyer-client relationships? Thankfully, this article provides great advice to assist you in selecting the ideal lawyer for your case.

You have to be able to easily get in contact with your lawyer. It's not uncommon for some lawyers to be very hard to get a hold of. You don't want to be left pondering the what if's just because your lawyer is out golfing.

Everything you tell your lawyer will remain confidential. In other words, if you discuss key... [...]
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