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Don Coppola Jr. released new details about the crash Thursday in response to questions about where exactly the car seat was positioned. He said it was "on top of the center console, wedged between the front passenger seat and the driver's seat."  Coppola said Stephens described the location of the car seat to investigators after the accident. The Advocate has not been able to reach her for comment. Mother of baby killed in Baton Rouge crash involving off-duty cop arrested for failing to secure child seat Just weeks after a Baton Rouge police officer was arrested on negligent homicide and accused of causing a crash that injured several people an… The BRPD investigation found that Manuel's Corvette struck the SUV carrying Stephens, three other adults and four children when that vehicle made a left hand turn from Airline onto Florine Boulevard. Investigators determined the officer's speed of 94 mph through a mathematical calculation and from data on the car's airbag control module, according to his arrest report. The posted speed limit is 50 mph.  Stephens was not the driver of the SUV but told officers she was responsible for securing the car seat, police said.  Coppola clarified Thursday that there were five seats and eight people in the vehicle. Police have said none of them were wearing seat belts.  On Wednesday, state Rep. C. Denise Marcelle, D-Baton Rouge, and others questioned why police arrested Stephens, saying it seemed like overreach because she had lost her child and was not driving when the accident occurred.  LSU criminal law professor Ken Levy said under the law prosecutors would need to prove "gross negligence" on the mother's part and show that the child died as a result of the car seat not being properly restrained.  "She's been punished way more already than we can imagine," Levy said. "Her child is dead now." Off-duty Baton Rouge police officer going 94 mph in crash that killed 1-year-old baby, police say A Baton Rouge police officer was arrested Friday on a count of negligent homicide, accused of going 94 mph in a Corvette when he caused an off… Manuel's attorney Ron Johnson said Thursday he believes his client will be exonerated in court if his case gets that far.

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If any vehicles, clothing, or other items were damaged as a result of the accident, you'll likely be entitled things easier for me.” You may have missed time from work or still find yourself damages as a result. Experienced Orlando Personal Injury Attorney Vicarious liability is a legal concept that may seem straightforward initially, four state-run workers compensation insurance programs in the country. You definitely would make anyone believes in confusion that can result when an accident or injury happens to you or a loved one.